Android pinyin chart app now on Google Play

Android Pinyin Chart App Google Play

My good friend Zack just finished building and releasing Pin Pin’s Android pinyin chart and learning app on Google Play!

Features of the Android pinyin chart and learning app

The android pinyin app boasts all the same features as the previous version of the iPhone pinyin app.

  • Pinyin chart – complete with studio recorded sounds in all four tones
  • Pinyin lessons – covering small sections of the pinyin chart
  • Practice mode – a listen, record and playback tool to get you speaking like a native in no time
  • Llistening quizzes – hundreds of questions to put your Mandarin listening skills to the test

The male pinyin voice sound-set is in the works so stay tuned. We’ll be posting more about the next update to the android pinyin chart and learning app soon!

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