Pin Pin Chinese English Dictionary: Tagging definitions

I recently released a new community feature on Pin Pin Chinese English Dictionary that allows users to tag existing definitions with region, measure word, and part-of-speech information.

When you tag a definition, the tag will be immediately visible to all users that view that definition. They will then have the opportunity to vote up your tag if they feel it is helpful and accurate.

More importantly though, your tag contribution will provide more context about the definitions and terms in Pin Pin Chinese English Dictionary, thus making it easier for future users to find, understand, and use new words. This is a great way to give back to the community and even help yourself a few days or weeks later when you need to review that term.

How to Tag a Definition

Start by navigating to and then search for the term you’d like to tag. In this example, I chose to tag the term 土豆 as regional to China for the definition “potato”.

Once you have found it, navigate to the term page and click the add tag link just under the definition your tag applies to.


You will be presented with a small popup that lists the available tag types. Select the tag type that applies to this definition (in this case, I selected Regional).


Depending on which type you choose, the right-hand column of the page will temporarily change to display further instructions. Also, the popup will now display all of the possible options for the tag type you selected.

Proceed by filling in the tag details or selecting the tag you’d like to add.


Here, I chose “China” since the definition “potato” generally only applies to 土豆 when used in Mainland China or when speaking with someone that grew up or learned Chinese in Mainland China (馬鈴薯 is used for “potato” in Taiwan and by many other overseas Chinese).

At this point, you will be presented with the tag you selected and the option to either cancel or save. I verified this tag through several sources and confirmed that I chose correctly, so I clicked save here.


And that’s it! After saving, your tag will appear inline next to the definition both for you and anyone else that views this term.

Current limitations

In order to tag a definition, you must be signed in.

Also, since the community features are still very new, all new tags will be reviewed by a moderator until flagging is enabled and the community becomes more active with voting.

Lastly, everyone is currently limited to adding three tags per day. This limit will be adjusted based on reputation (gained through up-votes) and a few other technical factors.

More community features to come

From more tag-types to being able to add example sentences and definitions, there are a lot of exciting community features in the pipeline. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive the latest news and updates to Pin Pin Chinese Dictionary!

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