Pinyin Chart – Learn Mandarin Chinese

The pinyin chart is a key tool for learning Mandarin Chinese as it encompasses every sound in the Mandarin Chinese language. It is not only essential for beginners, but it is also a great resource for any learners that want to refine their pronunciation.

Pinyin Chart

Click on the image above to launch the online pinyin chart.

How to use this online pinyin chart

Studying the pinyin chart was one of the most significant steps I made while studying Mandarin Chinese. From the pinyin chart, I learned to distinguish and reproduce every Mandarin Chinese sound in all four tones. As a result, I was able to take in new materials faster, understand more in conversation, and actually be understood when speaking.

I suggest not only listening to each sound in the chart, but also recording and listening to yourself as you learn each sound. This will both help you practice pinyin and correct any pronunciation mistakes you might be making.

Each sound is studio recorded by a native speaker of standard Mandarin Chinese in all four tones. Use the tone markers at the top-right of the pinyin chart to select a tone. Clicking on a sound will then play the sound with the selected tone.

This online pinyin chart does not require flash and will work in all modern browsers.

If you have an iPhone, you can also learn pinyin with Pin Pin for iOS.

Already know pinyin?

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